About us

A little about our cookie cutter shop.

Hello and welcome to Jh Cookie Co. Where we have been offering Well designed affordable cookie cutters worldwide since April 1st 2017. Between Our Etsy where we first started and our website www.jhcookieco.com that is less than a year old we have sold over 100 thousand cookie cutters world wide. We feel so blessed and so grateful for all of you who support our family owned and operated business. 

Our cookie cutters are made with PLA, which is a food safe plastic. Our design model is easy on the eyes, printed in our signature pink filament. You start with a nice round comfort handle that is reinforced to provide the strength needed to be used again and again while cutting your cookie dough. No nonsense. We like to keep things simple. Which goes right into our designs. As a Cookier myself I understand the steps that go into making decorated cookies. I design cookie cutters that are friendly for the average Cookier to make without wanting to pull your hair out. ha-ha. 

I also take design request and custom orders. Send us a message to get those started. 
most everything is print to order. please understand that our turn around time is merely an estimate. There is absolutely no way to know how long each order will take since each order is very different from each other. We print around the clock 7 days a week.